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3 Alternative for Google Chrome Mac

3 Alternative for Google chrome Mac

Chromium Browser Based

If you like Google chrome web browser, then you must check the other chromium based web browser, Yes, Google chrome web browser is build and developed based on Chromium web browser that using WebKit rendering engine, the Chromium web browser is open source project, so anyone is permitted to build and developed their own version, there is a lot of web browser that build based on Chromium web browser, and have similarity user interface and function with Google chrome.

Here is 3 alternative of Google chrome web browser for Mac OS X, that have similarity user interface with Google chrome, although there is more chromium web browser based, but the thirdly of web browser is have more similarity with Google chrome,

Yandex Browser
Yandex Browser make you easy to open and browse web pages. It’s very fast, clean and simple web browser for Mac, Yandex Browser built in from chromium web browser project, Yandex Browser is free web browser for mac

CoolNovo web browser is the another chromium based web browser, CoolNovo web browser have all feature that found on the Google chrome web browser, CoolNovo web browser has bring extra feature that you can not found on the default Google chrome web browser , such as super drag and Mouse gestures, and also included Internet explorer tab

Sleipnir Web Browser
Sleipnir is a free and powerful web browser for mac, Sleipnir web browser make you easy to sync any stuff between web browser on Mac and Smartphone through Smartphone App Linker. Like Safari web browser and google chrome web browser, Sleipnir web browser was built based on webkit engine for fast web page rendering.

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