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4 Web Browser for Older Mac Computer

Web Browser for Older Mac Computer
If you still using older Mac computer based on PowerPC, you may check the web browser that are compatible with PowerPC G4 or G5, Some of modern web browser has been discontinued to support older Mac computer, but there are still community that care to Mac computer user that still using PowerPC based, so you can still get the best experience while browsing with modern web browser.

Although the web browser is not fully compatible with the latest web technologies, but the developer is still work hard to maintain and update the web browser for mere compatible with the latest web technologies, and the better reason is about security, yes most of obsolete web browser is not updated yet, so it vulnerable to threats, and here some of web browser that still compatible with older Mac computer.


Pointless Web Browser
Pointless Web Browser is a very basic web browser for mac and pull out any additional preferences, lets you to fast open a web page with less CPU resource usage, Pointless Web Browser is suitable for old Mac computer with less CPU and memory specification, provide you a basic browsing feature, lets you to open a web page.


TenFourFox is Firefox based web browser for Mac that designed for older Mac and PPC support, since the latest Firefox web browser doesn’t support for Mac OS X 10.4 or PPC, TenFourFox web browser allow you to get the advantage feature of Firefox a modern web browser to run on the older Mac and PPC, All the advantage feature of Mozilla Firefox 11 through Mozilla Firefox 17 has been included into the latest TenFourFox web browser.


AOL Desktop web browser
AOL Desktop has included web browser on the package, it’s compatible with Macintosh PowerPC G4, AOL Desktop is free but there are some Ad, AOL Desktop web browser is all in one internet browsing tool, email client and IM chat client is built-in.


Mozilla 1.7.13
Mozilla 1.7.13 is web browser that allows to run on the older Mac computer, including on the PPC and Mac OS X 10.1. Mozilla 1.7.13 designed for standards compliance, performance, and portability,

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