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5 Game Applications For Google Chrome That Works Offline

In addition to extensions, the Google Chrome web browser is also have application that can be installed like extension, basically the Google Chrome application is designed to enrich Google Chrome OS that released by Google for their Notebook computer, So, Google Chrome OS have own applications that can be used for daily task and entertainment, ranging from games to financial application, but unfortunately most of Google Chrome applications is requires an Internet connection to use, but there are also some of Google Chrome application that able to run without an Internet connection, and here are some of Game application that able to run without Internet connection and also compatible with Mac OS X.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of popular game in the last year and for a longtime has provide Google Chrome application, Angry Birds can be installed into Google Chrome and used without an Internet connection, you can play Angry Birds as usual through Google Chrome browser, this game will makes you addicted.

Angry Birds Chrome App



Offline Solitaire

If you are Microsoft Windows users, then this game is not something odd, you may have knowing this game, since a long time, now Solitaire is also able to be enjoyed through Google Chrome browser, you simply installing Offline Solitaire application for Google Chrome, this is web based Solitaire game that can be installed into Google Chrome, and able to be used without and Internet connection.

Offline Solitaire Google Chrome App



Games Pack

One of game applications for Google chrome web browser, compatible with Google hangout, allow you to play this game face-to-face with your friend’s, in addition to bring an Internet requires games, the Games Pack application is also brought some of Offline games that can be played without an Internet Connection, Such as Formula driver, Bubble shooter, chess game, learn to fly, and many more.

Games Pack Google Chrome App



Fishing Joy

Fishing Joy is game application for Google Chrome browser that build based on HTML5 technologist, you can install and play Fishing Joy to your Google chrome browser for free, I n Fishing Joy, you’ll be able to have a deep-ocean experience catching magnificent species of fish and creatures the eco-friendly way! The game features stunning deep-sea graphics, music, sound fx’s brought to you.

Fishing Joy Google Chrome App




8BitBoy is commercial game application for Google Chrome browser, but 8BitBoy has offer free trial that can be used for unlimited time, you are also have an option to upgrade to pro version to get full experience of 8BitBoy but with limited time trial, 8BitBoy is out of a job, and quite frankly depressed about it. Then he remembers all the good times he had as a kid, playing his 8-bit console. 8BitBoy game application is able to works without an Internet connection.

8BitBoy Google Chrome App

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