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Download Latest Update Mozilla Firefox 20.0

Mozilla Firefox For Mac has been updated to 20.0 version, with many security fixes, let you browsing more secure, on the latest version of Mozilla Firefox web browser, the developer of Mozilla FIrefox has add more features for user and developer, one of changes that very see is download experience.

Mozilla Firefox 20.0 makes innovative changes into download experience, the small button with download progress bar has been add into Mozilla Firefox interface that located on bar. The Download experience of latest Mozilla firefox is similar with Safari web browser.

New feature, changes, bug and security fixes, on the latest Mozilla Firefox, including :

New Features :
New download experience
Per-window Private Browsing
Ability to close hanging plugins, without the browser hanging

Changed :
Continued performance improvements around common browser tasks

Fixed :
20.0.1: Security fixes can be found
Details button on Crash Reporter
Unity plugin doesn’t display in HiDPI mode

the detail of Latest Update Mozilla Firefox can you check on the official released page of Mozilla Firefox, the latest update of Mozilla Firefox makes you browsing more secure and fast, and also the developer of Mozilla Firefox make enhancement to performance.

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