QtWeb Internet Browser

QtWeb Internet Browser

QtWeb Internet Browser Information

Category : web browser
Version : 3.7.3 Requires OS : Mac OS X 10.3 or Later
License : Free / $0
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QtWeb Internet Browser Highlight

QtWeb Internet Browser make you safe to browsing with more security and privacy options. QtWeb Internet Browser was built based on Qt Framework by Nokia and WebKit rendering engine, make QtWeb Internet Browser more fast and lightweight. QtWeb Internet Browser has released as Open source project, so you can use QtWeb Internet Browser for free. Download the latest QtWeb Internet Browser for Mac.

QtWeb Internet Browser Features List

Privacy and Security Options

  • Private Browsing mode
  • SSL Certificate Info and Path Display
  • Extended SSL Certificate validation and display
  • Reset/Clear Private Data
  • Proxy Suport
  • Block Cookies, javascript, images and popup
  • Hide UserAgent
  • Customizable UserAgent
  • Ad Blocker
  • Easy access privacy options via toolbar
  • Software Updates

Flexible with More Function

  • Customize third party search engine providers
  • Save Web Pages or Web Images locally
  • Downloads manager
  • Export/Import bookmarks
  • Bookmark Manager
  • FTP browsing and downloading
  • Auto Complete form fill
  • Built-in Torrent client
  • Mouse Gestures

Performance and Web Content

  • Apple WebKit v. 527
  • Third party PlugIns
  • Frames
  • JavaScript
  • Fast and lightweight

Friendly User Interface

  • Multi Tab Support
  • Customizable Toolbars
  • Customizable Theme
  • Customizable menu titles and hotkeys
  • Text Encodings supported
  • Full Screen mode
  • Zoom page
  • Multi Language Support

Integrated Developer Tools

  • Web Page Content Inspector
  • View Page Source
  • JavaScript Debugger and Errors Console
  • Command Line Download Manager
  • Network Statistics
  • Page Info

There was another web browser for mac that built from WebKit rendering engine same as QtWeb Internet Browser, such As Google Chrome, Safari, Yandex Browser and more, QtWeb Internet Browser focused at security and privacy function, QtWeb Internet Browser is open source and free web browser for mac.

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