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Download Vimeo HD Videos By Google Chrome Extension

Vimeo is another video sharing website like youtube, dailymotion, etc. Vimeo has host much of videos that uploaded by their users, both stander videos and HD videos quality, if you have found interesting videos on Vimeo, and then you want to download them to your Mac hard drive, for easy playing over and over without Internet connection, you may need to pay more attention to the Vimeo™ Download Videos extension for Google Chrome web browser, this extension is very simple and integrated with Google Chrome web browser, Vimeo™ Download Videos extension allow you to download Vimeo videos, whether it standard version or even HD version.

If you want to download HD version of Vimeo video, then you simply turn HD mode on Vimeo video before you downloading it’s video. Vimeo™ Download Videos extension will put a small icon at the Google Chrome menu bar that gives you quick access to download Vimeo video.


Download Vimeo HD Videos By Google Chrome Extension


Downloading Vimeo videos through Google Chrome web browser by using Vimeo™ Download Videos extension is very easy, you simply open Vimeo video that you want to download, and then click Vimeo™ Download Videos extension icon at the Google Chrome menu bar, and you can found the download button, simple as that :) . Download Vimeo™ Download Videos

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