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Google Chrome Hidden URLs and Settings

Google Chrome web browser have hidden URLs and setting, the hidden URLs is contain Information and configuration, between your Mac and Google Chrome, there was some sensitive configuration that require advanced knowledge to change configuration, of you don’t have enough knowledge, and force to change the configuration of Google Chrome, may cause your Google Chrome crash, so be carefully if you want to change configuration in hidden settings of Google Chrome, here the lists of hidden URLs and setting of Google Chrome,


  • chrome://appcache-internals
  • chrome://blob-internals
  • chrome://bookmarks
  • chrome://cache
  • chrome://chrome-urls
  • chrome://crashes
  • chrome://credits
  • chrome://dns
  • chrome://downloads
  • chrome://extensions
  • chrome://flags
  • chrome://flash
  • chrome://gpu-internals
  • chrome://history
  • chrome://inspect
  • chrome://ipc
  • chrome://media-internals
  • chrome://memory
  • chrome://nacl
  • chrome://net-internals
  • chrome://newtab
  • chrome://omnibox
  • chrome://plugins
  • chrome://policy
  • chrome://predictors
  • chrome://print
  • chrome://profiler
  • chrome://quota-internals
  • chrome://settings
  • chrome://signin-internals
  • chrome://stats
  • chrome://sync-internals
  • chrome://terms
  • chrome://tracing
  • chrome://user-actions
  • chrome://version
  • chrome://view-http-cache

Just copying the URL to the Address Bar of Google Chrome, and hit enter.

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