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How To Remove / Uninstall Apple Safari Extensions

Apple Safari web browser is also compatible with third-party extension that can developed by anyone, you can installing extension to Apple Safari browser to add more capability and feature, currently, there are available much of Apple Safari extension that you can download for free at official Apple Safari extensions web store, a few days ago we had pick some of the best Apple Safari extensions that you can use for various purpose, you can check on the previous post if you didn’t read it, in addition to installing extensions to Apple Safari browser, you might need also to uninstall or remove extension from Apple Safari browser, due to any reasons. So we decide to wrote simple guide to remove / uninstall extensions from Apple Safari browser, so, here we go.

Make sure you have installing one or more extension to Apple Safari browser, if not, what do you want to remove from Apple Safari? :D , the first thing is you need to open your Apple Safari browser, and then navigate your mouse cursor to ‘Safari’ at menu bar, simply click it, and then you will find ‘Preferences’ sub menu, click ‘Preferences’ at sub menu of ‘Safari’ and the new dialog preferences window will appear.

How To Remove Apple Safari Extensions


Once the preferences window has appear, you need to navigate your mouse cursor to Extension Tab, there was some options that you can choose to disabled third-party extension from Apple Safari web browser, including:

How To Uninstall Apple Safari Extensions

  1. Switch ON /OFF, by slide from ON to OFF, all extensions that installed on Apple Safari browser will be disabled without uninstalling or removing the extensions, you can easy to activate back all extensions by sliding the lock to ON mode.
  2. Enable / Disable individual extension, Apple Safari extension is allowed to disable individually, you simply choose the Apple Safari extension that want to disabled, and then un-fill the checkbox as the picture above.
  3. Uninstall / remove extension permanently, if you choose this option, you might lost extensions and cannot be recovered, if you want the extension back, you need to download and installing again the extension from Apple Safari extensions web store.

Feel free to choose one option above to disables extension from Apple Safari browser, if you want remove or uninstall extensions, then you need to choose point #3.

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