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Internet Explorer Web Testing on Mac Via Mozilla Firefox

After Internet explorer for Mac is discontinued developed by Microsoft, many Mac OS X user who work on website development is confusion to test cross-browser website compatibility, as we know the Internet explorer is need more attention to make our website is well displayed on Internet explorer, so many web developer who are using Mac OS X as based operating system is really confusing with discontinued developing of Internet explorer for Mac.

Internet Explorer Web Testing on Mac

Internet Explorer Web Testing extension

Although the latest version of Internet explorer for Mac is still available to download and maybe compatible with the latest Mac OS X version, but is useless and does not help much the web developer to test website interface, because the technology was obsolete. To overcome case like this, you may check Test IE extension for Mozilla Firefox, this Mozilla Firefox extension will help you to test your website interface on modern internet explorer web browser through Mozilla Firefox on Mac OS X.

You only need to install Mozilla Firefox on your Mac OS X, and the install Test IE extension to the Mozilla firefox, honestly this extension not turn your mozilla firefox to the Internet explorer, but using third party application that host on cloud, which is provide by BrowserStack. So the Test IE extension will give you the shortcut from Mozilla Firefox directly to the Internet explorer version on the BrowserStack that you need to use to test your website interface.

Internet explorer browser tester tool that hosted on the Browserstack is provide moderns Internet explorer browser version, including Internet explorer 6, Internet explorer 7, internet explorer 8, internet explorer 9 and Internet explorer 10. This Test IE extension for Mozilla firefox is very useful for web developer , especially web designer.

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