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Mozilla Firefox Web Content Filter Add-Ons

As the others web browser for Mac OS X, Mozilla Firefox web browser is also have their own Add-ons / extensions, by installing third party extension to Mozilla Firefox web browser it can be enrich the Mozilla Firefox functional, there a re many kinds of Mozilla Firefox Add-on that you can download and use for free, you can download Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons depend what you need, One of Mozilla Firefox Add-On that maybe useful is Web content filter Add-on, and there are also available many more Mozilla FIrefox Web content filter Add-Ons.

But don’t worry, we will select and sort the Mozilla Firefox Web content filter Add-On that are compatible with Mac OS X and the latest Mozilla Firefox version, so you don’t need to wasting time to find Mozilla FIrefox Web content filter Add-On on the Mozilla Firefox Add-On marketplace, and also you can use Mozilla FIrefox as Parental control web browser. So check out the Lists of Mozilla Firefox Web content filter add-On below,

Mozilla Firefox Web Content Filter Add-Ons

Mozilla Firefox Web Content Filter Add-Ons

ProCon Latte Content Filter
ProCon is a free Mozilla Firefox Web Content Filter Add-On that able to filter any kind of web content material including pornography, gambling, etc, ProCon Latte Content Filter is also able to block all traffic, you can see a lists of website that are accessible by user in the Whitelist, ProCon Latte Content Filter Add-On is also has password protection in order to keep *other users* from changing the settings.


WebFilter Pro
WebFilter Pro is cloud based Web Content filtering Add-On for Mozilla FIrefox which monitoring eight million websites and billion of web pages to keep your family especially your kids have a safer internet surfing environment. WebFilter Pro was equipped with Password protection feature to keep other users from changing the configuration settings, and also enriched with search engine porn filtering feature. There 9 categories of website that are supported to blocked by WebFilter Pro, including Sites hosting spyware, virus, fishing & frauds, Adult sites, Sites related abused drugs & Marijuana, Bandwidth consuming sites peer2peer or online storage, Weapon Sites, Online gaming and gambling sites, Online sites used as proxy server, Sites used for spamming, Social-networking, dating and media streaming. ANd also many more features on WebFilter Pro Add-On for Mozilla FIrefox,


Anti-Porn Pro
Anti-Porn Pro is a cloud based anti-porn Web Content Filtering Add-On for Mozilla Firefox web browser, There is no configuration need to be done from your side and you do not even need to maintain a keyword list. Anti-Porn Pro is not affect to browsing speed, Anti-Porn Pro it also equipped with Password protection feature and Search engine porn filtering feature. you can install Anti-Porn Pro Add-On for Mozilla Firefox with easy, and uninstall for easy.

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