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Protect Browsing Activity With avast! Online Security Extension For Chrome

Basically all web browser for Mac OS X has equipped with great security protection for daily browsing activity, even though there is a time a web browser detected have a vulnerability, which is can be harm for every users, to secure your online activity, it better you add more security protection to your web browser. Avast as one of the leading Anti Virus application for computer have developed new security protection program for every users who often spent more time in Internet, this program is available in Google Chrome extension and called avast! Online Security, so make sure you have installing Google Chrome and make it as your default web browser.

avast! Online Security Extension For Chrome

By installing avast! Online Security you can get information about security of website you’ve being opened. Basically this program is works like WOT Internet security, which is give a user ability to vote and categorize website they visit, you can get to know how website secure by opening avast! Online Security extension right from Google Chrome browser, by giving your vote over avast! Online Security extension, you can help a lot of people that also used avast! Online Security extension in any platforms to get secure experience while browsing on the web.

In addition to check security of website you’ve being opened, the avast! Online Security extension is also gives you an information in search result, especially on search result, does the website safe to visit or not, all safe website on the search result will be marked with green bar. So, make sure you have secure experience while browsing the web by also installing avast! Online Security extension to your Google Chrome browser.

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