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Free Running Internet Explorer Browser At Cloud Under Mac OS X

Is not new information, if developing of Internet explorer for Mac has been discontinued by Microsoft a few years ago, so no longer update for Internet Explorer for Mac since version 5, although is not big deal for end-user, because they are many available web browser for Mac OS X that can be an alternatives, in addition also the Mac OS X has built-in Safari web browser on the installation package as the default Mac OS X web browser, but the discontinued internet explorer for Mac became issue for web developer, they need Internet explorer for website UI testing.

As we know there is no way to run Internet explorer on Mac OS X without third party software, such as using Windows emulator application or Windows OS emulator, of course by installing Microsoft windows under Boot camp on Mac can solve the problem quickly, but by installing Microsoft Windows we must pay more license cost that are not cheap.

In addition tricks to running Internet Explorer web browser on Mac that has explained on the post in the past, you can also running Internet Explorer web browser on Mac through Google Chrome apps, basically this is an online cloud service that provide you the easiest way to running Internet explorer without need to installing windows application emulator or even installing Microsoft Windows OS.


Cloud Internet Explorer by Ericom

This Google Chrome app has been provide by Ericom cloud service, by using this app you can run Internet Explorer web browser for various purpose, Ericom Cloud Internet Explorer is a Free cloud service that allows you to access Internet Explorer from your Chrome browser and is based on the Ericom AccessNow HTML5 RDP client. Cloud Internet Explorer by Ericom is also works on Google Chrome under Mac OS X.


nGenx nFinity Browser

nGenx nFinity Browser is provide you Internet Explorer 9 experience to run under Google Chrome, is similar to the cloud service above, but nGenx nFinity Browser is requires you to subscribes to able use the service, you can open any websites which exclusively require Internet Explorer, such as sites using Silverlight, Java, Flash and other technologies are often found to be inaccessible. Ina addition to running on Google Chrome browser under Mac OS X, nGenx nFinity Browser is also compatible with Google Chrome OS.

Before you used one of those cloud browser service, better you read firsts the comments and reviews of overall services. If you need the similar to this on the Mozilla Firefox web browser you may need to read the article below,

Internet Explorer Web Testing on Mac Via Mozilla Firefox

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