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Save Web Page To PDF Through Google Chrome Without Extension

Apple Mac OS X has built-in print function, which is allows you to print a document to paper via printer device or even print to PDF document, any of applications that you’ve installed on Mac OS X and enriched with print feature, is possible for you to print the document on it application into PDF document without any third-party app, it’s also works at Google Chrome browser that installed on your Mac, you don’t need to bother by installing third-party extension to Google Chrome, because the Mac OS X has built-in print PDF document.

But unfortunately, the web page that will be printed to PDF document through Google Chrome is requires have layout and CSS design that specially designed for printing or PDF save, if not, the web page will not saved well in PDF document like original views. To save web page to PDF document through Google Chrome, you simply follow the steps bellow.
Open Web page that you want to save to PDF document using Google Chrome browser, then press CMD + P on the Mac keyboard or through Mac menu bar, ‘File > Print’

Save web page to PDF


Then you will see the print window appear, there are some of parameters that you can adjusted, such as Save PDF destination file, Page to be printed, Landscape or portrait layout, margin settings, and additional options such as ‘headers and footer’ that will put information about page that you print on the header page and footer page, and then ‘background colors and image’ options that allow you to determine, whether you wan to include background colors and images on the page or not. If you choose to include the background colors and images, then PDF document result will looks similar like original views, and if you not choose to include background colors and image, then the PDF document result will just display text only.

Save Web Page To PDF


In addition to using built-in feature on Google Chrome web browser, you can also print the web page to PDF document by using built-in Mac OS X print to PDF function, by clicking ‘Print Using system dialog…’, by using default print feature of Mac OS X, you can also adjust parameter before you save the web page to the PDF document format,

Save Web Page To PDF


To save web page to PDF document format by using built-in print dialog of Mac OS X, you simply click ‘Save as PDF’ button as on the picture above.

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