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Top 10 Google Chrome Twitter Extensions

Twitter is one of web-based platform that gives you an easy way to connect and share with your friends In the Internet, currently Twitter not only provide web-based platform, but also provide you with official client app for some platforms that supported, Twitter is also provide API key for developer that can be used to build DIY Twitter client for selected platform, In addition to twitter client that available for operating system platforms, twitter is also available for Web browser platforms through extensions that can be installed for free into web browser, currently we had pick some of twitter extension for Google Chrome web browser that are developed by third party developer, some of Google Chrome twitter extensions below is supports Mac OS X Growl.


Twitter Extension for Google Chrome

Silver Bird Extension for Google Chrome


Notifier for Twitter

Notifier for Twitter extension will brings new tweeter notifications to Google Chrome web browser, by using Notifier for Twitter extension you’ll never need a Twitter desktop client again, Notifier for Twitter extension will notify you tweets, DMs and @replies directly to Google Chrome web browser, even though you are not being open twitter, because it’s has support Growl on Mac OS X.


Twitter for Chrome

Twitter for Chrome will gives you an easy way to access your twitter profiles right from Google Chrome toolbar, gives you a quick access to your twitter feeds, mentions, DMs, directly from Google Chrome browser, you don’t need every time open twitter website, Twitter for Chrome will deliver twitter experience while you browsing on the web.


Silver Bird

Silver Bird is a Twitter extension for Google Chrome that allows you to track your twitter timelines and interact with your Twitter account directly from Google Chrome web browser toolbar, Silver Bird extension has lots of feature, such as check trending topic, real-time timeline updates, upload image, follow and unfollow twitter user, preview of image on twitter timeline and much more feature from Silver Bird extension.


Notifier for Twitter™ Plus

With Notifier for Twitter™ Plus extension all tweet, mentions, direct messages from twitter account if delivered right to your Google Chrome. Notifier for Twitter™ Plus is simple twitter clint that work on Google Chrome web browser, Notifier for Twitter™ Plus extension will notify you every time something happens on Twitter account within the people you follow or anyone who send some tweet to you.


Silver Bird Plus

Silver Bird Plus extension is small Twitter client that works on Google Chrome web browser, Silver Bird Plus extension allow you to follow your twitter timelines account and fully interact with your Twitter account, Silver Bird Plus extension is provide you with conversation view and a better, eye pleasing UI. Silver Bird Plus extension is an awesome Twitter client for Google Chrome with lots of features.



InstaTwit extension is running under Google Chrome web browser, you can install InstaTwit for free, this extension is allow you to view Instagram photos right inside’s status cards, InstaTwit extension gives you the easiest way to get Instagram photos back in your Twitter account feed.


Full Client for Twitter™

Full Client for Twitter™ is one extension for Google Chrome that act like Twitter client, Full Client for Twitter™ extension is able to gives you notifications for new tweet, mentions, reply and direct messages to your Google Chrome. Full Client for Twitter™ extension is also allow you to post new tweets to your twitter account.


Better Bird

Better Bird extension is Google Chrome extension that allows you to you’re your timeline Twitter account to the left-hand side and the twitter dashboard to the right for easier reading, you are requires to open twitter website to able take the advantage of this extension, Better Bird extension is also allow you to expand shortened URL’s wherever possible, you can also hide “Trends”, “Who to Follow”, and “#Discover”, Better Bird extension gives you different experience while using twitter.



Chromnitweet is one unique twitter extension for Google chrome that enable you to post tweet to your twitter timeline through Google Chrome OmniBox, you can post tweet from any webpage, you simply type: ‘TW’ (without quote) then hit ‘space’ on your keyboard, then type your twitter post, and hit enter, then your tweet will be posted to your twitter account.


Quick Tweet for Chrome

Quick Tweet for Chrome is an extension that will enable you to post tweet diregh from Google chrome toolbar, you don’t need visit twitter website to post tweet to your timeline. Quick Tweet for Chrome extension is also allow you to reply twitter mentions, retweet, favorite and direct message straight from Google Chrome web browser.

Some of Twitter extension for Google Chrome above may also works on other chromium based web browser that you’ve used.

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