Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus


Category : Browser add-on/plug-in
Version : 2.1 OS / Browser : Mac OS X / Mozilla Firefox
License : Free / $0
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Video Downloader Plus Add-On Highlight

Video Downloader Plus plugin is a Youtube video downloader that compatible with Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS X, you can download any videos including HD videos on Youtube for easy way by using Video Downloader Plus plugin

Video Downloader Plus Add-On Features

Video Downloader Plus is a Mozilla Firefox web browser plugin that compatible with Mac OS X, the main function of Video Downloader Plus plugin that is to download video on youtube directly to your Mac through Mozilla firefox web browser, so if you find the youtube video you love, you can download it for easy by using Video Downloader Plus plugin,

Basically of this Video Downloader Plus is add the download button to Youtube interface, and it’s has work with the new Youtube layout, when you click the download button, you will be redirected to the download page that offer some link of youtube video that you want to download, and then you just select one of link as you desired, some of Link that offered on the download page is the options of video format that you can choose and has supported by Video Downloader Plus plugin, including 3GP 144p, 3GP 240p, FLV 240p, FLV 360p, FLV 480p, MP4 1080p (HD), MP4 360p, MP4 720p (HD), WebM 1080p (HD), WebM 360p, WebM 480p and WebM 720p (HD).

You can choose the video format to download as you desired, for better video quality, i recommend to select MP4 1080p (HD) video format, and for lowest video quality you can select 3GP 144p video format, in addition Video Downloader Plus plugin for Mozilla Firefox is also offer to convert the Youtube video to MP3 and AAC audio format online, and the final result is available to Download to your Mac,

the another function of this Video Downloader Plus plugin that is capability to loop the Youtube video without needed to click the replay button over and over, i recommend to use this Video Downloader Plus plugin with the latest Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS X.

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